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Police Commemoration Day ‘’Impact of Covid-19 on the Police Force|| 21 october 2020

Global Counter Terrorism Council has organised the conference on Police Commemoration Day , Titled ‘’Impact of Covid-19 on the Police Force’’ on the theme of ‘Saluting the Brave souls who have protected us despite the pandemic’ on 21 October 2020. The conference Inaugural Addressed by Prakash Singh, IPS (Retd.) – Patron of GCTC & Former Director General of Police and Dr. Shekhar Dutt– Patron of GCTC & Former Governor of Chattisgarh. We have Krishna Varma– Member of GCTC Advisory Council & Advisor of Impulse NGO Network, Satish Mathur– Member of GCTC Advisory Council & Former Director General of Police, Kuldeep Khoda, IPS (Retd.)– Member of GCTC Executive Council & Alumnus of National Defence Academy as a Speaker and also a Session Chairperson we had Prabha Rao, IPS (Retd.)– Member of GCTC Executive Council & Former Special Secretary (Cab. Sect.), Govt. of India.
The conference aims to discuss various issues associated with the ‘Assistance to the Vulnerable’ during the crisis and enforcement of the lockdown and maintenance of Public Order and the use of Police Skill Sets for Public Health Outcomes. Along with that, the conference focused on how police were exposed to unique sets of challenges in their day to day duties, which increased the risk of health concerns from occupational stressors, including operational and organisational stressors. This conference will bring together government representatives, security experts, and academicians to discuss and exchange ideas about significant ‘Building an Individualised Approach to Self- care, resiliency and new risks and unknown threats, technology forecast, technology development production, social isolation and to prepare for new millennium challenged post COVID-19.


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