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ONE-SIDED STORY: Baseless reports by the paper

Sushil Pandit
Kashmiri Hindu activist in exile & GCTC Advisory Board Member
The Washington Post’s coverage of Kashmir has been woefully one-sided. Stories of lockdown, atrocities by armed forces and communication blackout are baseless. Even though the protest was led by Kashmiri Pandits, there were Indians of all states present. The good thing is that the Washington Post published a letter to the editor, which the protesters handed over to the newspaper.
Interestingly, when this large demonstration was taking place, a counter-demonstration, much smaller in size, was held across the road by a notorious ISI agent, Ghulam Nabi Fai. Fai ran a lobbying firm on Kashmir in the US two decades ago, whose finances were found to be dubious when investigated. He was behind bars for several years..


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