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New World Order: Post Covid 19||04 June 2020

Global Counter Terrorism Council (GCTC) has organized a panel discussion session on the theme of ‘’New World Order: Post Covid-19’’, and the session was chaired by Cleo Paska;-Non-resident senior fellow for the Indo-Pacific in the centre on Military and Policitical Power at the foundation food Deffence of Democracies, and the prominent speakers were Gen JJ Singh-Former Governor of Arunachal Pradesh, and former chief of Army Staff, Indian Army, Captain Kimo Fanell-Former Naval Intellegence Officer specialising in Indo-Asia Pacific Security Affairs, Prof. Madhav Nalapat-Director of Geopolitics and International Relations and UNESCO Peace Chair at Manipal University, India, Mr Jonathan Granoff-Global Security Institute, New York, Mr. Vladimir Sotnikov-Global Affairs Experts at the Institute of World Economy and Foreign Relations and Director of Russia-East-West Centre for Strategic Studies and Analysis, and Prof.Chintamani Mahapatra-Vice Chancellor of JNU.



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