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GCTC Yuva Manthan: Securing Indo-Pacific Region || 18 April 2020

Throughout history, the maritime domain has been a crucial space in establishing new and emerging powers shaping regional dynamics and the larger security architecture. The great power competition today is no different. The rise of China across the Indian and Pacific Oceans challenges the security umbrella established at the end of the Second World War and strengthened after the end of the Cold War. The emergence of the Indo-Pacific as a new geographic space bringing together the Indian and the Pacific Oceans,represents the new strategic reality of the twenty-first century. The webinar which took place on 18th April, titled Securing Indo-Pacific Region consisted of eminent speakers from various fields dealing with maritime security were Salman Khurshid (Former Minister of External Affairs of India), Brig. Gen. Robert S. Spalding III (Former U.S. Air Force Vice Chief of Staff), General R. M. Daya Ratnayake (Former senior Sri Lanka Army officer),Prof. Madhav Das Nalapat (Editorial Director of Itv network, India), Vice Admiral Shekhar Sinha (Former Chief of Integrated Defence Staff), Lincoln Parker (Defence innovation Network, Australia), Col. Grant Newsham (Former US Marine Attaché, US embassy, Tokyo), Cleo Paskal (Non-resident Senior Fellow for the Indo-Pacific, FDO, USA).

The webinar was extremely informative with respect to understanding the various nuances of the maritime landscape concerning the Indo-Pacific region during these precarious times with the rise of China and the regional instability on a rise.



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