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GCTC Yuva Manthan: Afghan Peace Process: The Way Ahead. || 23 April 2020

It would not be any exaggeration to suggest that the common Afghani population is desirous of peace, more than anything else, after repeated foreign invasion as well as certain internal elements to fight with. To achieve that peace, it is now imperative to assimilate both the parties representing the traditional, as well as the modern constituents of the Afghani society. India, being a neighbour and the most important power in the region, any decision on the Afghani political climate will surely affect her own foreign policy. Keeping this change in the nature of power distribution in Afghanistan and the relevance of India in it, GCTC had arranged a conference on the Afghan Peace Process on 23rd April, 2020. The conference was graced by brilliant speakers like: Mohammad Suhail Shaheen (Spokesperson, Afghani Taliban), Mr. Bill Roggio , Ms. Anju Gupta (IPS), Mr. Vladimir Soshnikov , Mr. Daoud Ali Najafi (Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation), Prof. M.D. Nalapat (Manipal University), Mr. Ahmad Nadar Nadery, and Mr. Amar Sinha ( IFS).
The conference has been immensely fruitful in discussing and analysing the complex nature of power sharing in the Afghani Peace process and the way forward to contrive an everlasting way towards peace and stability in the region.


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