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‘’Future Prospects & Challenges Post U.S.-India ‘2+2’ Ministerial Dialogue”,||5th November 2020.

In observance of the in vogue dynamic challenges faced by two emerging nuclear super power nations namely, India and USA with the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic and multiple security menaces, Global Counter Terrorism Council organized a 2+2’ Ministerial dialogue enumerating strongly on the sustainable future prospects & challenges post India-USA bilateral talks. The eminent panellists and key speakers at the conference who levitated and gave a true meaning to this discussion as well as paved a ground framework to follow are Dr. Kanwal Sibal, IFS (Retd.), Professor Madhav Das Nalapat, G. Mohan Kumar, IAS (Retd.), Brigadier General Chad T. Manske, Lt. Gen. Satish Dua, Christopher Jester (Counter-terrorism Coordinator, US Embassy), Captain James Fanell (Former United States’ Pacific Fleet’s Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence & Information Operations), Vice Admiral Shekhar Sinha (PVSM, AVSM, NM & Bar, ADC), Dr Shekhar Dutt SM, IAS (Retd.), Prof. K P Vijayalakshmi , Cleo Paskal, and Dr Monish Tourangbam.
The prime spheres which were highlighted in this forum were primarily Maritime Security and Counter-Terrorism Cooperation, Joint Economic Prospects along with the Defence and Aerospace Partnership, nevertheless, giving due recognition to the charismatic and influential relationship between India and the United States which considerably evolved under the strong leadership of PM Narendra Modi and President Donald Trump.
The delegates abided by the 2+2 mechanism of the talk which involved better negotiations, consulting and considerations on the end of both state actors. However a lot of them were of similar parallel views giving credibility to the armed forces, intelligence, police and similar cyber network players of both the nations on the developmental aspect who have actually extended a hand in the first place at engaging in joint operations as well as drills. Despite the contrary, the two countries have to keep on swapping and mediating ideas to retain the building blocks for future reference to call for a strong alliance against the Chinese Bloc in the region. As per Counter Terrorism in the larger picture , the skilful approach to adapt against terrorism is when the countries around the globe commit to dissolve the financial regimes, rather than monetarily backing these miscreant radical organisations directly or indirectly. These economic regimes like Drug Cartels, Criminal Organisations like D-Company which at times might be state sponsored, are by and large responsible for carrying out criminal activities which involve smuggling of valuable entities, transportation of narcotics, lethal weapons, and human trafficking.


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