Ethics and Independence Policy

  • Ethics and Independence
    GCTC is a non profit think tank and values transparency, and its executive board frames guidelines and policies. The integrity and the independence of GCTC researchers are fundamental to providing independent and honest analysis and alternate solutions.GCTC does not represent any outside interest and does not take institutional position or engage in any political activity.
  • Code of EThics
    GCTC requires full compliance of all its employees and affiliates, all government laws and adherence to the highest ethical standard and integrity to promote an ethical work environment. Failure to comply with the code of ethics will invite disciplinary actions including termination.
  • Ensuring ethical behaviour
    GCTC is governed by an independent executive board and seeks regular advice from the founder trustee for maintaining compliance to the highest standard of ethics. The full executive board needs from time to time with intermittent committee meetings throughout the year.
  • Maintaining Financial Integrity
    GCTC has established policies and procedures for training staff, management, with internal controls to ensure highest legal and ethical standard with regard to the financial management and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Our internal controls and procedures are designed to prevent and detect other fraud. GCTC maintains assets of accounting policies and procedures to ensure timely, accurate and reliable financial deporting. In GCTC financial statements are audited annually by an independent external auditor.

  • Prevention of Money laundering and Illegal Activities
    GCTC is fully committed to the international fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism and applies a risk-based, ‘’know your client’’ policy in line with applicable laws and regulations. GCTC must neither be engaged nor tolerate any illegal activity in the workplace.This applies in particular to any infringement of anti-trust regulations and any support if tax evasion, including but not limited to, any kind of complicity in tax fraud.
  • Policies to safeguard independence
    GCTC is the non profit and non partisan think tank funded by research contracts, sponsorships from public and private sectors organisations, government institutions in india and corporate philanthropy. Our funders are to sustain the excellence, independence, and meaningful works of our experts. The individuals, corporations, foundations, and government agencies that contribute to GCTC provide those wider financial resources to support our wide range of projects and allow us to continue our pursuit of pragmatic solutions to global security challenges. To further ensure academic independence, GCTC will not accept gifts from donors who seek to undermine the independence of our researcher or otherwise to predetermined influence recommendation. GCTC does not accept offers of financial support that explicitly or implicitly compromise the full authority over institutional decisions or restrict scholars for promoting their research finding and recommendations.
  • Viewpoint independence
    GCTC is driven by our vision and mission, and does not take specific policy positions, recommendations, and conclusions expressed by our scholars and employees. GCTC believes in the open and transparent exchanges of views, within the boundaries of academic integrity and professional comity which is beneficial to all involved.
  • No compromise or Bribery
    GCTC does not tolerate any form of bribery or corruption such as offering, receiving of anything valuable with intention of inducing a person or to influence their judgement on company matters as it pertains to the donor.
  • Non Discriminations
    GCTC does not tolerate any discrimination or harrassment in the workplace based on their religion, age, gender, ethnic origin, race, political belief or ideology, disability, and sexual orientations. Gctc promotes an inclusive and diverse workforce environment.